Prof. Suttmeier Talking about S&T Policy-Making Process in U.S.

November 18, 2010, Richard P. Suttmeier, professor emeritus of University of Oregon, visiting professor at Institute of Policy and Management, CAS, delivered a lecture entitled "The science and technology policy-making process in US" at the Tsinghua academic saloon for Sociological and Policy Studies of Science and Technology (No.66).
Prof. Suttmeier had researched the science and technology policy of China and Sino-US diplomatic relations of science and technology for decades. He published a large number of papers with international reputation. His book "Science and Revolution - Science and Technology Policy and Social Change in China" was translated into Chinese and published in 1989, and had been widely read.
Prof. Suttmeier traced the history of American science and technology policy and discussed in detail the role of federal government, state governments, universities ,enterprises, NGOs in S&T policy-making process; he analyzed the US R & D funds and their structural changes over the past decades. In addition, Prof. Suttmeier made some comparisons between the science and technology policy of China and US.
There were active questions and discussions. About 30 listeners from CAS, Tsinghua University attended the meeting. The lecture was chaired by Associate Prof. Liu Li, the Institute of Science, Technology and Society.