Institute of Modern International Relations at Tsinghua Is Founded

On November 17, 2010, the inaugural ceremony for the Institute of Modern International Relations, Tsinghua University, was held in the Reception Hall of the Main Building. Mr. Tang Jiaxuan, the former State Councilor of China, accepted the appointment as the honorary dean of the School by Professor Gu Binglin, President of Tsinghua University.
President Gu Binglin delivered a speech at the ceremony, saying that it is significant to carry out an intensive study of international issues and educate a whole generation of new scholars, equipped with a better knowledge of global trends and international politics and economy, in a multi-polarized world where economic globalization is deepened and change is constant to the structure of international economy and politics.
Mr. Tang Jiaxuan in his keynote speech expressed the wish that the School would become a top institution of the kind in the world while amplifying its Chinese characteristics, and would contribute in its own ways to the theory exploration and public diplomacy.
Congratulations were also expressed by Zhang Baowen, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the China Democratic League, Zhang Zhijun, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hao Ping, Deputy Minister of Education, Li Shenming, Vice President of China Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Jisi, Dean of the Institute of International Relations, Peking University, and Wang Xuelian, President of Beijing Jialian Jituan.
Professor Yan Xuetong, Dean of the School of Contemporary International Relations, gave a speech. After that, the donation ceremony was held.
Professor Xie Weihe, vice president of Tsinghua University, presided over the ceremony, and guests included more than 10 ambassadors to China and representatives from the embassies as well as people from the universities and research institutes over China.