"2011-LSE-Tsinghua Forum" Held in the UK

From August 8-9, 2011, “2011-LSE-Tsinghua Forum” was held at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The forum was sponsored jointly by Confucius Institute for Business London and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tsinghua. Professor Nick Byrne, UK director of the Confucius Institute and Professor Cao Li, Consultative Committee Secretary-General of CIBL presided at the forum together.

On August 11, “2011-LSE-Tsinghua Forum” was held at the Confucius Institute for Scotland in the University of Edinburgh. Professor Steve Hillier, Vice Principal of the University, addressed the forum; and Professor Natascha Gentz, UK director of Confucius Institute for Scotland chaired the forum.

Professors Long Denggao and Liu Taoxiong from the Institute of Economics each gave a lecture: “Foreign Direct Investment in China: Change and Tendency in 30 Years” and “The Future of China’s Economic Growth: 2011-2020”, and they analyzed the current situations and prospects of China’s economy from their own points of view.

The lectures given by Professor Yan Xuetong from the Department of International Relations and Professor Wang Tianfu from the Department of Sociology were titled “Changing Trends of the Pattern of the World” and “The Structure of Chinese Social Strata”. Professor Yan insightfully analyzed current international relations, especially the Sino-US relation and China’s relations with its neighboring countries in Asia. Professor Wang’s lecture was focused on the change and development of the structure of Chinese social strata in the past 30 years in China and the causes of the change.