International Conference “Logic across the University: Foundations and Applications” Held in Tsinghua

On Oct. 14th, “Logic across the University: Foundations and Applications” hosted by the Philosophy Department of Tsinghua University opened in the Main Building, and present at the opening ceremony were Professor Xie Weihe, vice president of the university, Wan Junren, Dean of School of Humanities, Yao Qizhi, Dean of Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, and Zou Chongli, president of the Chinese Association of Logic. Professor Lu Feng, chair of the Department, hosted the ceremony.

During the 3-day conference, over 40 Chinese scholars and more than 20 scholars from over 10 famous universities abroad shared their recent research on many interdisciplinary topics related to logic, such as logic and philosophy, logic and cognition, logic and computation, logic and social sciences (economics and law), etc. The organizers of the conference are Professors Liu Fenrong and Fan Bingshen (Johan van Benthem) from the Department of Philosophy, and the conference proceedings Across the University: Foundations and Applications—Proceedings of Tsinghua Logic Conference was already published by College Publications in London.