The Third Meeting of CIBL’s Advisory Council Held in Tsinghua University

The third meeting of CIBL’s Advisory Council was held in the second meeting room in Jiasuo Guest House on April 23. The meeting was chaired by Professor Xie Weihe, member of the Advisory Council and Vice President of Tsinghua University. Council members attending the meeting are Mr. Charles Haswell, Chairman of CIBL’s Advisory Council and Global Strategies Director of HSBC; Mr. Adrian Harley, Director of Hong Kong Region and Chief Representative of Beijing Region of the Swire Group; Mr. David Percival; Sir Thomas Harris, Vice President of Chinese Affairs Department at Standard Chartered Bank; Professor Paul Kelly, Vice President of The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Director of CIBL Administrative Board; Mr. Wang Yongli, Associate Director of Hanban. Professor Cao Li, Secretary of Advisory Council, reported the agenda and discussion of last committee conference to the Council members. Professor Nick Byme, Director of CIBL from the UK, Professor Luo Lisheng, Director of CIBL from China and a professor in the School of Humanities at Tsinghua University, Dr. Lu Hong, Project Manager of CIBL, and Mr. Craig, Director of the Office, gave their report respectively on CIBL’s achievements in the past two years, and its current conditions and problems, and future plans. After the meeting, the signing ceremony for the renewal of the cooperation agreement between Hanban and LSE was held.