School of Humanities Celebrates the Eightieth Birthday of Professor Li Xueqin

The School of Humanities hosted the eightieth birthday celebrations for Professor Li Xueqin at Xichun Garden on March 28. Professor Li Xueqin, a famous historiographer and paleographer in the History Department, Tsinghua University, was highly praised for his hard work and prominent contributions in the field of historiography over the past few decades. Professor Luo Gang, the Party secretary of the school, hosted the celebration and present were Professor Xie Weihe, vice president of Tsinghua University, as well as professors and students from School of Humanities, Tsinghua Academy of Chinese Learning, and Institute for Advanced Study of Humanities and Social Sciences, Departments of History, Chinese Language and Literature, Philosophy, and Foreign Languages and Literatures, and Research and Conservation Center for Excavated Texts.