Research and Conservation Center for Excavated Texts, Tsinghua University was co-founded by the Department of History, the Department of Chemistry, and the University Library in September, 2008. Reporting directly to the University President, the Director of the Center is Professor Li Xueqin and the Deputy Director is Professor Zhao Ping’an. The objective of the Center is to establish a leading research and conservation center in the world for excavated Chinese texts through conducting cutting-edge research projects in the field and through interdisciplinary studies and collaborations of natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Currently the Center is working on conservation and researches on excavated texts, such as oracle bone and bronze inscriptions, with a focus on the conservation, transcription and editing of the Warring States period (476 – 221 B.C.E.) Tsinghua bamboo slips. The majority of the members of the Center are senior experts in the field, who bring to us decades of experiences in the study and conservation of excavated texts, including, but not limited to, the texts inscribed on oracle bones, bronzes, bamboo and wood slips, and silk. They have made considerable achievements since the founding of the Center. Their work in the transcription, research and conservation of the Tsinghua bamboo slips in particular has received extensive national and international attention.
With the strong support from Tsinghua University, the Center is currently conducting several major national research projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National Foundation for Social Sciences, and the National Key Technology R&D Program, etc. The Center is the main constituent of the Research Center for Excavated Texts and Ancient Chinese Civilization, Tsinghua University, which was approved as a Ministry of Education Key Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2011. The Center currently has embarked on a number of collaborative research projects with other universities, archaeological institutions and museums in China. In addition, it is actively engaged in international scholarly exchanges with related institutions oversea. The Research and Conservation Center for Excavated Texts at Tsinghua University is the world foremost research institute in the field of excavated texts and ancient Chinese civilization.
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