Tsinghua's Department of International Relations was established in December of 2007, building on its original foundation as the Institute of International Studies (IIS), which was founded in 1997. The educational and social scientific research achievements of the IIS accumulated over 10 years served as a solid foundation for the establishment of the Department of International Relations.
The Department is divided into five research and teaching areas: political science, which includes political theory and comparative politics; international relations theory, which emphasizes IR theory and research methodology; international political economy, with a focus on IPE theory and economic diplomacy; international relations history, which emphasizes IR and Chinese foreign affairs history; and area studies, with special attention to China, the United States, the Asia Pacific, Europe and the Third World.
The Department consists of a faculty of 21 scholars, including 8 full professors, 6 associate professors, 3 Lecturers, and 5 post-doctoral students. The age and academic specializations of the faculty are well distributed, who are all in the midst of highly productive careers. All faculty have Ph.D.'s and also have experience studying and researching at first rate foreign universities, providing them all strong capabilities in international academic exchange.
The In 2007 the Department had 52 undergraduate, 41 Master's, and 15 Ph.D. students. At that time, 7 undergraduates, 29 Master’s and 11 Ph.D. students had already graduated from the Department. The Ph.D. courses emphasize the development of academic research capabilitie, M.A. courses stress the acquisition of practical skills and B.A. courses are more comprehensive and stress basic IR principles and the importance of a well-rounded education. Graduates are employed at national universities and key research institutions, government bureaus, media organizations as well as internationally oriented companies. Some of the most outstanding graduates have also gone abroad to further pursue graduate education at famous universities.
The Department of International Relations has established working relationships with Chinese and foreign academic and foreign affairs institutions as well as government ministries. A number of high level officials have been invited as part-time professors. Additionally, the Institute also has international lecture and student exchange programs with Columbia University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Texas at Austin, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Heidelberg University, Sydney University, Taiwan National Chengchi University and other leading institutions.
Currently, Professor Shi Zhiqin is dean of the department, and Associate Professor Sun Xuefeng and Associate Professoris Chen qi are vice-deans.
Address: Institute of International Studies, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China
Postal code: 100084
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Email: iis@tsinghua.edu.cn