The Institute of Economics was established in 1993, mainly engaging in research and teaching of Theoretical Economics and Marxist Theory, also undertaking the courses "Principle of Marxist Political Economics" and "Introduction of Deng Xiaoping's Theory" for all the undergraduate students of the university. There is one Ph.D. Programs in Theoretical Economics, and one Ph.D. Programs in Marxist Theory.
There are 13 on-the-job faculties in the Institute of Economics: among them, 6 professors, 1 faculty members is among the Yangtze River Scholars specially appointed by the Ministry of Education, 6 associate professors, 1 lecturer. There are 3 advisers for Ph.D. Program and 12 advisers for MA Program. 70% of the faculties have Ph.D. degree.
The main research fields of the Institute of Economics include: Marxian Economics, Comparative Studies on Marxian and Western Economics, Transitional Economy: Theory and Practice, Institutional Changes during the Modernization, History of Economy, Contemporary Capitalist Economy, Comparative Studies of Chinese-Russian Economic Reform, Deng Xiaoping's Economic Thought, World Economy, and so on. The main courses are: Principle of Marxist Political Economics, Introduction of Deng Xiaoping's Theory, Principle of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Intermediate Political Economy, Studies on Capital, Comparative Studies on Marxian and Western Economics, Special Topics on Transitional Economy, Special Topics on the Modern History of China, Institutional Economics, International Political Economy, History of Western Economics Thought, History of Economy, Game Theory, Comparative Economic Systems and so on.
The institution has recruited Ph. D students for 13 years and Master students for 19 years, and undergraduate for 5 years, totally trained 52 Ph. D students, 194 Master students, and 94 undergraduate students who are having a full time job.
The Institute has published 17 academic monographs, 12 textbooks, and more than 280 papers since 1993. It also has received 8 prizes of national and ministry’s honors.
The current chair is Professor Li Qiang in part time, who is the dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Professor Long Denggao and Associate Professor Wang Yong, Associate Professor Huang Dehai are vice-chairs, and the secretary of the Party branch is Associate Professor Liu Taoxiong.
Address: Institute of Economics , Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China
Postal code: 100084
Tel: 86-10-6278 2771
Fax: 86-10-6278 2771
Email: jjsbgs@oamailtsinghua.edu.cn