There is a long trandition of STS studies in Tsinghua University and a number of graduates from Tsinghua have emerged as leaders in the field, among whom are famous scholars like Yu Guangyuan, Li Chang, Zha Ruqiang, Gong Yuzhi, He Zuoma,Qiu Renzong and Sun Xiaoli. In 1985 China’s first STS research entity at Tsinghua ,and in 1993 the Institute of STS was founded under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and in 2000 the Tsinghua was founded which leads to the founding of the National Innovation Research Base of Science, Technology and Social Development in 2004, and the Chinese Science Association-Tsinghua University Research Center for Transmission and Dissemination of Science and Technology.
STS is under SHSS, whose programs are a blend of the humanities and sciences built around the philosophy of Science and Technology. It has a master’s program in History of Science and Technology, and in Philosophy of Science and Technology, and a doctoral program in Philosophy of Science and Technology. It started the first Postdoctoral at program with the Philosophy Department within SHSS. The Institute has an outstanding faculty, who have achieved remarkably, and provides an exellent research environment for our students and faculty,and is becoming a signpost of the humanities at the university.
Currently there are 7 full professors, including 5 doctoral advisors, 8 associate professors, 1 Lecturer, among whom most have oversees studying experience and some have doctoral degrees from foreign universities. Besides, there are 20 postdoctoral research fellows working here and some well-known professors from universities at home and abroad who participate in the work of the Institute. The research concentration include philosophical Studies of Science and Technology, historical studies of science and technology, transmission and dissemination of science and technology, government policies and strategies for science and technology, science and technology in international (regional) relations. STS has completed key projects at the national and provincial levels, and is engaged in an extensive cooperation with sister universities at home and abroad, and has participated in making medium-term and long-term plans for the development of science and technology in China, and in the project for a nationwide science education to raise the awareness and quality of the entire nation. These projects are all about the most important development strategies of the nation. It also publishes the book series Tsinghua Science, Technology and Society and a translation series. The Institute co-hosts the national core journal Studies in Science of Science.
Professor Wu Tong is director of the Institute,and Professor Li Zhengfeng and Professor Yang Jian are associate directors.
Address: Institute of Science, Technology & Society, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P. R. China
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