Robert Cohen Symposium & Opening Ceremony of Robert S. Cohen Library

"Robert Cohen Symposium----Historical and Philosophical Reflections on Contemporary Science and Technology" was successfully hosted by the Institute of Science, Technology and Society on April 26-27, 2010 at Tsinghua University.

Prof. Robert Cohen is a great scholar and organizer in a variety of philosophical areas. He is specialized in Philosophical Foundations of Physics, Philosophy of Marxism, Philosophy and History of Science, Science and Society, and Epistemology. He has been editing the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science and organizing the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science over many decades. Now, he is a Director Emeritus, Center for Philosophy and History of Science, Director of the Center's Advisory Board, and Professor of Philosophy and Physics Emeritus, Boston University.

The symposium was divided into four sections: philosophy of science, history of science, sociology of science, Marxism. Many distinguished scholars in the fields attended the symposium or submitted papers. After the symposium, a opening ceremony of Robert S. Cohen Library was held on December 27th. Lots of famous scholar in the STS filed came to attend this ceremony.